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Our Team

We are a team that very well experienced in tax and finance law, in its national and international aspects, commercial law in general, corporate and foreign.

At LGC Tax & Legal we have the capacity, experience and means to advise a wide range of potential clients, whether individuals, business people and entrepreneurs, SMEs, start-ups, subsidiaries or branches. LGC will support you all on an ongoing basis in the management of your legal, fiscal, financial and investment needs.

Tommaso Foschi

Attorney at Law – Co-managing partner

Andrea Accardo

Attorney at Law – Co-managing partner

Eduardo Díaz

Economist – Co-managing partner

Ana Otero

Accountant and Tax Consultant

Arnau Cano

Attorney at Law

Ruth Barquero

Accountant and Tax Consultant

Roberto Marullo

Attorney at Law – Of counsel

Antonella Faraco

Legal Trainee

Isabel Egido


Salma Fahmy

Labor Consultant

Cristina O’Shanahan


Rubén Díaz

Accountant Assistant

International office

A law firm with an international vocation that provides legal, tax, and administrative services. We are specialized in international taxes, corporate and commercial matters, investment, and immigration.

 The firm headquarters is in Barcelona (Spain), and it also has affiliated offices in other countries such as Italy (Milan and Rome), the United States (New York and Miami,) Russia, and Kazakhstan (Almaty).


LGC can advise natural persons, employers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, or newco. Its extensive experience in the sector helps to solve all the legal, tax, and financial issues related to the client’s investment and needs.

Our mission

The firm, through the work of its professionals, is perfectly able to offer customized services in the different law sectors, whether the individual the applicant is a natural person, public institution, large company, SME, newly created company, or innovation startup.


We offer 360º legal assistance and tax consultancy.


We legally assist startups from the birth phase of the entire project and manage all private and public financing activities.


We offer personalised support from a national and international perspective to every client.

+ We help clients to successfully complete their investment projects and optimize the tax and administrative management of their assets.

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c/Tusset , 8-10, 5º-1ª
08006, Barcelona, Spain.

Tel: +34 933 958 400

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