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We add value to your business.

LGC offers legal and tax services for families, companies, and entrepreneurs.


Our team has excellent experience providing tax advisory services in the investment sector and trade law for natural persons and SMEs.



Our team has broad experience providing legal advisory services in the investment and law sectors by integrating the legal operations into the fiscal proceedings.


Technological innovation

We support you from the very first steps in the take-off of your new business endeavours hand in hand with you throughout all stages, from seed to growth and exit.



Our team offers world-class administrative support in the investment and trade law sectors for natural persons and especially SMEs.



We are experts in tax, legal and administrative consulting

Our mission is to offer Legal & Tax consulting and services based on a confidential and customized relationship with our client, as in the more traditional firms, but at the same time offering and develop solutions based on a global, international and specialized  ‘’know-how’’.

Legal services

Trade and company law

Public law and licensing

Immigration Law

Real estate law

Administrative and tax services

Accountant services

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