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Legal services

Our team has excellent experience delivering both legal and tax support in the investment and trade law sectors by integrating the legal operations into the fiscal proceedings.


Creation of appropriate legal structures for the development of your activity, Partner agreements, contracts for senior managers, key personnel in the company, Operations and statutory modifications, compensation plans tailored for any class of stakeholder.

Administrative procedures.

Activity Licenses.

Due Diligence of activities.

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Industrial or intellectual property rights

Guidance in the registry and protection of titles of industrial property.


Management services of visas and residence permits of any kind.


Find the best turn-key solutions from the experts.

Administration and licencing

Management of complex administrative proceedings

Trade and company law

Advice and consultancy in national and international commercial contracts and assistance in the incorporation of companies.

Banking and financial operations

Gain support in the search and attainment of financing and fundraising opportunities.

Risk capital – leg4

Investment operations and legal advice for your investment round.

Risk capital – leg3

Investment operations and legal advice for your investment round.